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Take A Hike

Take A Hike. It was a warm and sunny day in May 2017 to take a hike. Furthermore, it was on Conic Hill, on the east side of Loch Lomond. I was an extra, in the BBC TV documentary called “Take a Hike”, for the The Adventure Show.

Take a Hike

Together with, Jim McLarnon and Alistair Wilson, were interviewed by Cameron McNeish. Generally,most of the questions were about our club’s history (Glasgow HF Outdoor Club),celebrating 100 years, in just ten minutes.

Women’s Role

In the first place, my question was about the role women played in the club.  Thereby, my answer was women played a very important role in the club from the beginning in 1917. The walking club had a woman president that ran the club during its humble beginnings. As well as, during the World War One, we had a woman president named Miss Isa Dufferin, who kept the club operating through those difficult times. Hence,the club may have been a safe haven for soldiers or family living in these very difficult times. The promotion of going out into the fresh air and walking made perfect sense at the time. As a result, people needed time to relax and to get away from their troubles at home.

West Highland Way

Our presenter was Cameron McNeish a well-known writer and expert about Scottish hills and long-distance walks. We were asked several questions about the outdoors, Scotland, health benefits, walking and friendships made over the years through hill-walking. The club’s contribution was the creation of the “West Highland Way” by members, including Mr Tom Hunter, which was significant for Scotland in 1980.  Many people from all over the world have walked the West Highland Way, it is so famous that it has many people running, cycling and challenging triathlons.

Conic Hill to Balmaha

To begin with,we started on a path, which led up the hillside towards Conic Hill, with the filming team. Consequently,we had to stop many times to get the right view, and to answer Cameron McNeish questions..

Enjoyed my day

I enjoyed my day out with the cameraman, soundman and the charming, funny and memorable Cameron McNeish. It was a year ago today, that “Take a Hike”, a BBC Adventure Show Special, was broadcast on Wednesday 16th May 2018, as seen on BBC 2 Scotland.

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