Ten Reasons to head for Luss Loch Lomond 

Do you know your clan name when you come to Scotland ? Let’s see ten places to visit Luss to explore clan within heartlands of the Colquhouns.  It could be an incredibly good starting point to what to see and do and give a sense of connection to the landscape, culture, local people, food, and music. Whenever, on ArgyllWalks guided Luss History Tour, we ask clients if they know their Clan and the answer is usually no. They are surprised to find that their name is Scottish, and they have a Scottish Clan and even a dance named after them. Expert Argyll tour guide Gerena gives her top ten places to visit near Luss, Loch Lomond, in Argyll and Bute.

Last Clan Colquhoun Battle near Luss

In fact, the Battle of Glen Fruin was on the 7th of February 1603 between the MacGregors and the Colquhouns. Furthermore, there is a large stone memorial near Strone Farm, Glen Fruin, that records the last clan battle near Luss, Loch Lomond, Argyll. Although, the MacGregors massacred 140 Colquhouns and were outlawed by King James VI.

Circular Walk Beinn Dubh and Mid Hill

Since Beinn Dubh is 650 metres high and starts from the primary school on Old Luss Road. As soon as, follow the path over the bridge on A82, past the old schoolhouse. Then, through a kissing gate on your left marked with a signpost. There is a well-defined path that gives you tremendous views over pretty Luss village, Loch Lomond, Argyll. From Luss pier, the view of several islands that float on the loch. To point out, to walk the whole Glen Striddle circular would take five hours and 11.5 kilometres long.

Clan Colquhoun captures Dumbarton Castle

A point often overlooked, Dumbarton Castle was captured by Sir John 8th of Clan Colquhoun in 1424 from the Earl of Lennox. In detail, Sir John gathered his men after dark and hid under the castle. In the morning, he set loose a stag and was chased by his dogs. As soon as, the starving men saw the hunt and opened the gate to join in. By that time, the castle was successfully secured for King James I with no bloodshed. In gratitude, the King bestowed on Sir John Colquhoun the governorship of Dumbarton Castle.

Rossdhu House Gates of Clan Colquhoun

At the present time, white gates to Rossdhu House entrance sit east of A82 on the Loch Lomond Road north Helensburgh roundabout. Namely, Sir James 27th of Colquhoun created the South Gates in 1817 during improvements to Rossdhu house. In the centre, of the gates painted Colquhoun heraldic arms, a deer with two deerhounds. Below the crest is the motto “Si je puis”- If I can, the Clan Colquhoun motto.

Luss Gallow Tree

To the left, Gallow Hill is just south of Luss on A92 road in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Adjacent, there is a cottage called Gallowshill. Beside the cottage is a hill called Tom na croich. Furthermore, dating as far back as 1602, Sir Alexander 15th of Colquhoun had the power to hang criminals. Another key point, the tree was a Scots pine called Gallow Tree.

Destination Helensburgh

Important to realise, that Helensburgh is just twenty-five miles from Glasgow. In 1785 Sir James 23rd of Colquhoun decided to name the town after his wife, Lady Helen Sutherland. Notably, the town’s coat of arms is based on the Colquhouns saltire with a hound and stag happily combined with three stars and a savage of the Sutherland family. Hence, to name a few places to see in Helensburgh: The Hill House, Hermitage Park, and the Outdoor Museum. For this reason, there is a great visitors centre on Sinclair Steet called Destination Helensburgh for what is on in the area.

Luss Highland Games finding your Clan 

Luss Highland Games are on Saturday 2nd, 2022. Equally important, the highland gathering is a mixture of highland dancing, tossing the caber and playing the bagpipes. Usually, there are competitions between the locals: races, cycling, tug of war and wrestling. As well as overseas visitors are most welcome with even a designated 1600 metre cycle race. In light of this, there have been Highland Games in Luss, Loch Lomond since 1875. Moreover, they are more popular than ever. There are 90-minute escorted tours of Luss by local guide Gerena see  Argyll Walks website for more details. As part of the tour you will learn if you know your Clan?

Luss Parish Church

Significantly, Luss Parish Church in Luss, was founded by a Celtic Saint Kessog in 510AD. In fact, the original church was quite simple with a wattle roof. Hence, the present church built in 1875 by Sir James 27th of Colquhoun. For instance, there is a statue of Bishop Robert Colquhoun inside and a 1,000-year-old baptismal font on show. Around the church, there are beautiful stained glass windows depicting scenes from the bible donated by the Colquhoun family. The Luss Parish Church is a favourite of local guide Gerena, on the Luss History walking tour.

Loch Lomond Golf Club

Rossdhu House, Gaelic ros dubh for the “Black Headland.” Still, stands a Georgian house and ruined medieval castle. To begin with, the Georgian mansion constructed in 18th Century by Sir James 23rd of Colquhoun and Lady Helen Colquhoun, his wife, they moved in 1773. Presently, the ghost of Lady Helen haunts it. Since 1986, leased to The Loch Lomond Golf Club https://www.lochlomond.com  in Argyll and Bute, a private members club. It has 660 acres set in Colquhoun heartlands that host or witness Royal romances since the 12th century, scenes of black magic, and clash of arms and polished literary conversations. Significantly, Mary Queen of Scots visited the castle twice. To point out, some of the stone used to build the Rossdhu came from the original castle. There is no public access.

Luss Village Cottages

To begin with, the attractive Luss village cottages built for the slate workers in 1864 by Sir James 26th of Colquhoun. Consequently, the cottages have narrow strips of front gardens on the main street. At the present time, the original Luss blue-grey, finely grained slate roofs are on Shore Cottage on the foreshore. The original cottages are on Main Street. At the end of the tour you will know your Clan?

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This guide and text are by Gerena Sumen for ArgyllWalks  Visit Gerena’s website for details of walking tours in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.