Tarbet Isle Walk

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Tarbet Isle. An easy walk with views of Loch Lomond and Tarbet Isle

Tarbet Isle Walk, an easy walk consists of a high and low paths in a loop. Walking through Scot’s Pine and oakwood, with views of Tarbet Isle and Loch Lomond. Uniquely, this short 45 minute walk in Argyll gives the visitor excellent views of Ben Lomond, Loch Lomond and Tarbet Isle.

Walking in Tarbet

The Tarbet Isle Circular walk is in the Argyll Forest Park. What’s more, the paths maintained by the Forestry Commission https://scotland.forestry.gov.uk/forest-parks/argyll-forest-park/.

As a matter of fact, the Forest Park was established in 1935, set the precedent for the open access policy, which is the standard principle for the Forestry Commission today.

Together with, the stunning views of the rough hills and fiord like lochs, remnants of an ice age that make this area popular today. The Tarbet Isle walk will take 45 minutes to walk around and take pictures.

Also, it is only one hour from Glasgow on the A82. The Forest Park is popular for walking, horse-riding, fishing, camping or simply picnicking at one of the many beauty spots like Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardgarten.

Tarbet Isle Forest PathTarbet Isle Loop

Start from Carpark

Firstly, the Forestry Commission carpark on A82 just north of Tarbet on the left. Secondly, no public transport to the start.  Thirdly, the A82 is a very busy road and not for walking. At the side, of the carpark, go clockwise with the yellow marker post going uphill. Along the edge, path climbs uphill through mature Scot’s pine and continues through mixed conifer and broadleaves.

Major William Caulfield’s Road

Equally important, this walk run’s parallel to one of Caulfield’s Military Roads running from Tarbet to Crianlarich. Within sight, and adjacent to the western loop behind the dry-stane dyke.  Furthermore, General Wade departed Scotland in 1740. Caulfield became responsible for directing the Scottish Military Roads Initiative. What’s more, he constructed new roads and bridges as well as upgrading.

Tarbet Isle Amazing Views

Tarbet Isle on Loch LomondTarbet Isle

Meanwhile, keep following the easy path as it turns to go to the high path again with views of Tarbet Isle and Loch Lomond.

Above all, Tarbet Isle lies in Loch Lomond. Also it is called “The Honeymoon Island”. So, newlyweds sent to Tarbet Isle for a week, and the marriage was successful when they still came back on good terms.

At last, the path returns to the carpark where there are fantastic views of Loch Lomond.

In addition to, there are some fallen trees on the path, which can be by-passed.  Finally, this easy walk with high and low paths are suitable for families and dogs. If you want more information about walks in Loch Lomond National Park you can read more on my website https://www.argyllwalks.co.uk/news/